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Be across ... everything

Staying across all your company’s software vulnerabilities is a huge task. We make it easy and, from small businesses to multi-national corporations with multiple teams tracking hundreds of software, we have a solution for you.


All the software.

We track more than 32,000 software titles so you don't have to, from such things as router firmware and IoT, to applications and operating systems. If there are CVEs for it, we track it. No matter what your business or organisation does, we have you covered.

Alert Groups.

Allow your teams to receive their own unique alerts. For example, you can set up your Desktop team and Network team with different software, alert frequencies, and vulnerability severity triggers.

Combine alert preferences to filter out the noise and get the right people to see the right alerts.


Wait, there's more!

  • User Management

    Root users manage what staff have access to and what roles they have. Assign admins to manage their team’s alert group.

  • Single Sign-on

    We’ve integrated Single Sign-on using SAML2 to allow seamless logins for your users. No more shared single logins.

  • Slack integration

    You can set up alert groups specifically for Slack, customising the frequency and alert level, or using an existing alert group.

  • Dedicated support

    We've got your back, with quick response times and an SLA for Corporate and Enterprise plans.

  • News matching

    In order to stay across announcements and high profile incidents, we match your software to recent news articles from multiple sources.

  • Zero-Day Alerts

    To help you stay informed, we'll send you alerts to any zero-days (matched to your software) that are mentioned in popular online news outlets.

  • Bulk upload

    To make it easy getting started, if you have a lot of software to track, you can upload a CSV containing all of it.

  • Version tracking

    We'll alert you to new version releases of your software to keep you up-to-date.

Do you have custom requirements?

Contact us to talk about any custom requirements you have. We're here to work with you.