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How To Create An Account.

After you’ve pressed the ‘Sign up’ button at the top of each page, you are taken to our sign up page. Here you are presented with a form where you can enter your details.

The first heading is ‘Choose your software’, where you enter all of the software you want to track by clicking on the grey buttons. There are more than 32,000 in our database and it's here that we’ve given you a few most popular ones to choose from to get you started.

If you want to add software that isn’t in the list, type it in the ‘Search for more’ field at the top. This will display more choices matched to your search term (don’t worry, you can easily edit your software later in the Dashboard).

If you have too many software to enter manually, you can also drag and drop a CSV file into the dotted line box area, or click in that area to attach it. The CSV file has to be formatted with 'Vendor,Product' e.g., Adobe,Acrobat. Here is a CSV file as an example.

Once you’re happy with your software list, add your organisation email address. This defaults as the root user of your account and the alerts will be sent to this address (you can change it later).

The organisation name is your company’s name.

Then you need to choose a secure password with more than 10 characters.

Now press the button ‘Subscribe to Alerts’.

Congratulations 🥳, you’ve just created a new account ... now you will be at the Dashboard.