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Choosing a Plan.

We have four plans available: Solo, Business, Corporate and Enterprise.

The Solo plan caters for individuals looking for a simple solution to stay across a small amount of software and is $8 a month. It allows for a single user to track up to 10 software with one alert group being sent weekly.

The Business plan caters for companies with a team and is $49 a month. While it only allows for a single user for managing the account, it allows for two alert groups which can have multiple email addresses receiving alerts. The alert groups can have custom frequencies and severity levels. If you have a lot of software, you can bulk upload it all in a CSV file to make it more manageable. We also include Slack integration.

The Corporate plan caters for companies with multiple teams and is $199 a month. It allows for user management, so you can assign admins to manage their teams alerts. You will receive unlimited alert groups, which gives your teams the ability to setup as many groups to suit their workflow as needed. Enterprise also has single sign-on using SAML2 so staff can use the company logins. You will also have full access to the event log to keep track of everything.

When you sign up to SecAlerts you’re on a 30 day free trial. You can go to the Payment section in the Dashboard and choose a plan that suits you at any time. You will need to enter credit cards details and choose a payment schedule of monthly or annually.

If you have any issues or are still unsure which plan is right for you, please contact us and we will talk you through it and help you get started.